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PA’LMISTRY. n.s. [palma, Latin.]
I. The cheat of foretelling fortune by the lines of the palm.
We shall not query what truth there is in palmistry, or divi-
nation, from those lines of our hands of high denomination.
Brown’s Vulgar Errours, b. v.
Here while his canting drone-pipe scan’d,
The mystick figures of her hand,
He tipples palmistry, and dines
On all her fortune-telling lines.  Cleaveland.
With the fond maids in palmistry he deals;
They tell the secret first which he reveals. Prior.
2. Addison uses it for the action of the hand.
Going to relieve a common beggar, he found his pocket
was picked; that being a kind of palmistry at which this ver-
min are very dexterous.  Addison’s Spectator.

To break LOOSE.

To break LOOSE.

To break LOOSE. To gain liberty.
If to break loose from the conduct of reason, and to want
that restraint of examination which keeps us from chusing
the worse, be liberty, madmen and fools are only the free-
men. Locke.
Like two black storms on either hand,
Our Spanish army and the Indians stand;
Where you, like day, broke loose from both appear.  Dryd.