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FE’ATLY. adv.


FE’ATLY. adv. [from feat.] Neatly; nimbly; dexterously.
Foot it featly here and there,
And sweet sprites the burthen bear. Shakesp. Tempest.
The moon was up, and shot a gleamy light;
He saw a quire of ladies in a round,
That featly footing seem’d to skim the ground. Dryden.
There haply by the ruddy damsel seen,
Or shepherd-boy, they featly foot the green. Tickell.



FA’NCYSICK. adj. [fancy and sick.] One whose imagination
is unsound; one whose distemper is in his own mind.
‘Tis not necessity, but opinion, that makes men miserable;
and when we come to be fancysick, there’s no cure for
it. L’Estrange.