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To TA’TTLE. v.n.

To TA'TTLE. v.n.

To TA’TTLE. v.n. [tateren, Dutch.] To prate; to talk idly;
to use many words with little meaning.
He stands on terms of honourable mind,
Ne will be carried with every common wind
Of court’s inconstant mutability,
Ne after every tattling fable fly. Hubberd’s Tale.
The one is too like an image, and says nothing; and the
other too like my lady’s eldest son, evermore tattling. Shak.
Excuse it by the tattling quality of age, which is always
narrative.  Dryden.
The world is forward enough to tattle of them. Locke.
Their language is extremely proper to tattle in; it is made
up of so much repetition and compliment. Addison.