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The Beinecke’s annotated proof copy of the Dictionary, from which this blog has drawn its images, ends with the letter P. Words will now be taken from a copy of the first edition of the Dictionary, presented by Johnson to his good friend, Hester Lynch Thrale (later Hester Thrale Piozzi). This copy, annotated by Piozzi, can be found in Yale’s Beinecke Library, call number IIm J637 755D copy 4.
–Kathryn James, Beinecke Assistant Curator for Early Modern Books and Manuscripts,


QUAI’NTNESS. n.s. [from quaint.] Nicety; petty elegance.
There is a certain majesty in simplicity, which is far above
all the quaintness of wit. Pope.
[Pope says Quaint of Musical Recitative, wch is anything but quaint.]