PETTI’FOGGER. n.s. [corrupted from pettivoguer; petit and
voguer, Fr.] A petty small-rate lawyer.
The worst conditioned and least cliented petivoguers get,
under the sweet bait of revenge, more plentiful prosecution of
actions. Carew’s Survey of Cornwall.
Your pettifoggers damn their souls
To share with knaves in cheating fools.  Hudibras.
Consider, my dear, how indecent it is to abandon your
shop and follow pettifoggers; there is hardly a plea between
two country esquires about a barren acre, but you draw your-
self in as bail, surety or solicitor.  Arbuthnot’s Hist. of J. Bull.
Physicians are apt to despise empiricks, lawyers, petti
foggers, merchants and pedlars. Swift.

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