To PEO’PLE. v.a.

To PEO'PLE. v.a.

To PEO’PLE. v.a.  [peupler, French.] To stock with inha-
Suppose that Brute, or whosoever else that first peopled this
island, had arrived upon Thames, and called the island after
his name Britannia.  Raleigh’s History of the World.
He would not be alone, who all things can;
But peopled Heav’n with angels, earth with man. Dryden.
Beauty a monarch is,
Which kingly power magnificently proves
By crouds of slaves, and peopled empire loves. Dryden.
A peopl’d city made a desert place. Dryden.
Imperious death directs his ebon lance;
Peoples great Henry’s tombs, and leads up Holben’s dance. Prior.

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