PA’RLOUR. n.s.

PA'RLOUR. n.s.

PARLOUR. n.s. [parloir, French; parlatorio, Italian.]
I. A room in monasteries, where the religious meet and converse.
2. A room in houses on the first floor, elegantly furnished for
reception or entertainment.
Can we judge it a thing seemly, for a man to go about the
building of an house to the God of heaven, with no other
appearance than if his end were to rear up a kitchen or a
parlour for his own use. Hooker.
Back again fair Alma led them right,
And soon into a goodly parlour brought. Fa. Queen.
It would be infinitely more shameful, in the dress of the
kitchen, to receive the entertainments of the parlour. South.
Roof and sides were like a parlour made,
A soft recess, and a cool summer shade. Dryden.

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