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PA’LMISTRY. n.s. [palma, Latin.]
I. The cheat of foretelling fortune by the lines of the palm.
We shall not query what truth there is in palmistry, or divi-
nation, from those lines of our hands of high denomination.
Brown’s Vulgar Errours, b. v.
Here while his canting drone-pipe scan’d,
The mystick figures of her hand,
He tipples palmistry, and dines
On all her fortune-telling lines.  Cleaveland.
With the fond maids in palmistry he deals;
They tell the secret first which he reveals. Prior.
2. Addison uses it for the action of the hand.
Going to relieve a common beggar, he found his pocket
was picked; that being a kind of palmistry at which this ver-
min are very dexterous.  Addison’s Spectator.