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NOO’NDAY. adj.

NOO'NDAY. adj.

NOO’NDAY. n.s. [noon and day.] Midday.
The bird of night did sit,
Ev’n at noonday, upon the market-place,
Houting and shrieking.  Shak. Jul. Caesar.
The dimness of our intellectual eyes, Aristotle fitly com-
pares to those of an owl at noondayBoyle.

Nonusance n.s.

Nonusance. n.s.

Nonusance n.s. [non & usance]
The not using
It were not reason[ab]le to infer
fm a caution, a nonusance
or abolition; fm a thing to be
used wth discretion, not to be us’d at all Bro. V.E.



NONCONFO’RMITY. n.s. [non and conformity.]
I. Refusal of compliance.
The will of our maker, whether discovered by reason or
revelation, carries the highest authoirty with it; a confor-
mity or nonconformity to it, determins their actions to be
morally good or evil.  Watt’s Logick.
2. Refusal to join in the established religion.
Since the liturgy, rites, and ceremonies of our church, are
so much struck at, and all upon a plea of conscience, it will
concern us to examine the force of this plea, which our ad-
versaries are still setting up as the grand pillar and butteress
of nonconformity. South’s Sermons.
The lady will plead toleration which allows her non-
conformity in this particular.  Addison’s Spectator.



Sweet sound
Fm all yir groves wch wth ye heavenly noises
Of yr freest instrumts were wont to sound,
And th’hollow hills fm wch yir silver voices
were wont redoubled echoes to rebound,
Did now rebound wth nought but rueful cries
And yelling shrieks thrown up into ye skies.  Spense

NI’TTILY. adj.

NI'TTILY. adv.

NI’TTILY. adv. [from nitty.] Lousily.
One Bell was put to death at Tyburn for moving a new
rebellion; he was a man nittily needy, and therefore ad-
ventrous. Hayward.



NI’NEFOLD. n.s. [nine and fold.] Nine times; any thing nine
times repeated.
This huge convex of fire,
Outrageous to devour, immures us round ninefold. Milt.

NI’PPER. n.s.

NI'PPER. n.s.

NI’PPER. n.s. [from nip.] A satirist. Out of use.
Ready backbiters, fore nippers, and spiteful reporters privily
of good men.  Ascham.