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NE’THERMOST. n.s. [super of nether.] Lowest.
Great is thy mercy toward me, and thou hast delivered
my soul from the nethermost hell. Psalm lxxxvi. 13.
Undaunted to meet there whatever pow’r,
Or spirit, of the nethermost abyss
Might in that noise reside. Milton’s Paradise Lost, b. ii.
All that can be said of a liar lodged in the very nethermost
hell, is this, that if the vengeance of God could prepare
any place worse than hell for sinners, hell itself would be
too good for him. South’s Sermons.
Heraclitus tells us, that the eclipse of the sun was after
the manner of a boat, when the concave, as to our sight,
appears uppermost, and the convex nethermost. Keil [against] Bur.