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NA’YWORD. n.s.

NA'YWORD. n.s.

NA’YWORD. n.s. [nay and word.]
I. The side of denial; the saying nay.
You would believe my saying,
Howe’ever you lean to th’nayword. Shak. Win. Tale.
2. A proverbial reproach; a bye word.
If I do not gull him into a nayword, and make him a
common recreation, do not think I have wit enough to lie
straight in my bed.  Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.
3. A watchword. Not in use.
I have spoken with her; and we have a nayword how to
know one another. I come to her in white, and cry mum;
she cries budget; and by that we know one another. Sha.