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NA’TIONAL. adj. [national, Fr. from nation.]
I. Publick; general; not private; not particular.
They in their earthly Canaan plac’d,
Long time shall dwell and prosper: but when sins
National interrupt their public peace. Milton’s P. Lost.
Such a national devotion inspires men with sentiments of
religious gratitude, and swells their hearts with joy and ex-
ultation. Addison’s Freeholder, No. 40.
The astonishing victories our armies have been crowned
with, were in some measure the blessings returned upon that
national charity which has been so conspicuous. Addison.
God, in the execution of his judgments, never visits a people
with public and general calamities, but where their sins are
public and national too. Rogers’s Sermons.
2. Bigotted to one’s own country.