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MACHINA’TION. n.s.  [machinatio, Lat. machination, French;
from machinate.] Artifice; contrivance; malicious scheme.
If you miscarry,
Your business of the world hath so an end,
And machination ceases.  Shakespeare’s King Lear.
O from their machinations free,
That would my guiltless soul betray;
From those who in my wrongs agree,
And for my life their engines lay. Sandys’s Paraphrase.
Some one intent on mischief, or inspir’d
With dev’lish machination, might devise
Like instrument, to plague the sons of men
For sin; on war, and mutual slaughter bent. Milton.
Be frustrate all ye stratagems of hell,
And devilish machinations come to nought. Milt. Par. Reg.
How were they zealous in respect to their temporal gover-
nors? Not by open rebellion, not by private machinations;
but in blessing and submitting to their emperors, and obeying
them in all things but their idolatry. Spratt’s Sermons.