LO’OPHOLE. n.s. [loop and hole.]
I. Aperture; hole to give a passage.
The Indian hersman shunning heat,
Shelters in cool, and tends his pasturing herds;
At loopholes cut through thickest shade. Milton’s Par. Lost.
Ere the blabbing Eastern scout
The nice morn on the Indian steep,
From her cabin’d loophole peep.  Milton.
Walk not near yon corner house by night; for there are
blunderbusses planted in every loophole, that go off at the
squeaking of a fiddle.  Dryden’s Spanish Friar.
2. A shift; an evasion.
Needless, or needful, I not now contend,
For still you have a loophole for a friend.  Dryden.

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