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LA’ZAR. n.s.

LA'ZAR. n.s.

LA’ZAR. n.s. [from Lazarus in the gospel.] One deformed
and nauseous with filthy and pestilential diseases.
They ever after in most wretched case,
Like loathsome lazars, by the hedges lay. Fairy Queen.
I’ll be sworn and sworn upon’t, she never shrowded any
but lazars. Shakespeare’s Troil. and Cressida.
I am weary with drawing the deformities of life, and la-
zars of the people, where every figure of imperfection more
resembles me. Dryden’s Aurengzebe.
Life he labours to refine
Daily, nor of his little stock denies
Fit alms, to lazars, merciful, and meek. Philips.