KNUFF. n.s.

KNUFF. n.s.

KNUFF. n.s. [perhaps corrupted from knave, or the same with
chuff.] A lout. An old word preserved in a rhyme of pre-
The country knuffs, Hob, Dick, and Hick,
With clubs and clouted shoon,
Shall fill up Dussendale
With slaughtered bodies soon. Hayward.

1 Response to “KNUFF. n.s.”

  1. 1 John MacAulay May 28, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    There’s a small transliteration error in your rendition of the poem: it should be “… fill up Dussendale”, not “full up” as you have.

    An excellent site, though – well done!

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