GENETHLI’ACAL. adj. [γενεθλιακός..] Pertaining to nati-
vities as calculated by astronomers; shewing the configura-
tions of the stars at any birth.
The night immediately before he was slighting the art of
those foolish astrologers, and genethliacal ephemerists, that use
to pry into the horoscopes of nativities. Howel’s Vocal Forest.

2 Responses to “GENETHLI’ACAL. adj.”

  1. 1 Orion April 7, 2009 at 5:42 am

    Your transcription of the Greek is not right: the last character is a ligature ( of ος, and the fifth character is a theta, not a delta: so it should be γενεθλιακός. Note that SJ has put an acute accent on the iota, where Liddell and Scott put it on the omicron:*g%3Aentry+group%3D3%3Aentry%3Dgeneqliako%2Fs

    I love the blog: you’ve made some really great, interesting choices so far. Mad props. Maybe you could continue it past the tercentenary year?

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