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AYE. adv.


AYE. adv. [aya, Saxon.] Always; to eternity; for ever.
And now in darksome dungeon, wretched thrall,
Remedyless for aye he doth him hold. Fairy Queen, b. i.
Either prepare to die,
Or on Diana’s altar to protest,
For aye, austerity and single life.
Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.
The soul, though made in time, survives for aye;
And, though it hath beginning, sees no end.
Sir John Davies.
And hears the muses, in a ring,
Aye round about Jove’s altar sing. Milton’s Il Penseroso.
Th’astonish’d mariners aye ply the pump;
No stay, nor rest, till the wide breach is clos’d. Philips.