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A’PISH. adj.


A’PISH. adj. [from ape.]
1. Having the qualities of an ape; imitative.
Report of fashions in proud Italy,
Whose manners still our tardy, apish nation
Limps after, in base aukward imitation. Shak. Richard II.
2. Foppish; affected.
Because I cannot flatter, and look fair,
Duck with French nods and apish courtesy,
I must be held a rancorous enemy. Shakesp. Richard III.
3. Silly; trifling; insignificant.
All this is but apish sophistry; and, to give it a name divine
and excellent, is abusive and unjust. Glanville’s Scepsis Scient.
4. Wanton; playful.
Gloomy sits the queen;
Till happy chance reverts the cruel scene;
And apish folly, with her wild resort
Of wit and jest, disturbs the solemn court. Prior.