A’FTERGAME. n.s. [from after and game.] The scheme which
may be laid, or the expedients which are practised after the
original design has miscarried; methods taken after the first
turn of affairs.
This earl, like certain vegetables, did bud and open slowly;
nature sometimes delighting to play an aftergame, as well as
fortune, which had both their turns and tides in course. Wotton.
The fables of the ax-handle and the wedge, serve to precau-
tion us not to put ourselves needlessly upon an aftergame, but
to weight beforehand what we say and do. L’Estrange’s Fab.
Our first design, my friend, has prov’d abortive;
Still there remains an aftergame to play. Addison’s Cato.

1 Response to “A’FTERGAME. n.s.”

  1. 1 Laura Brown January 7, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    What a useful word! Pity you don’t hear it much these days.

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