ABRO’AD. adv.


ABRO’AD. adv. [compounded of a and broad. See BROAD.]
1. Without confinement; widely; at large.
Intermit no watch
Against a wakeful foe, while I abroad,
Thro’ all the coasts of dark destruction seek
Deliverance. Milton’s Paradise Lost, b. ii. l. 463.
Again, the lonely fox roams far abroad,
On secret rapine bent, and midnight fraud;
Now haunts the cliff, now traverses the lawn,
And flies the hated neighborhood of man. Prior.
2. Out of the house.
Welcome, Sir,
This cell’s my court; here have I few attendants,
And subjects none abroad. Shakespeare’s Tempest.
Lady — walked a whole hour abroad, without dying after
it; at least in the time I staid; though she seemed to be
fainting, and had convulsive motions several times in her had.
Pope’s Letters.
3. In another country.
They thought it better to be somewhat hardly yoked at home,
than for ever abroad, and discredited. Hooker Pref.
Whosoever offers at verbal transition, shall have the mis-
fortune of that young traveller, who lost his own language
abroad, and brought home no other instead of it. Sir J. Denham.

1 Response to “ABRO’AD. adv.”

  1. 1 ricardo January 7, 2009 at 11:45 am

    wonderful blog! My son (21 year old) is completely abroad, in the three meanings! The Christmas’best gift !

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